How to Order Your Hair Piece Online

We offer mens hair piece fittings and haircuts at our Sydney and Melbourne locations but also offer help to clients not in these areas.

Many people choose to visit a hair loss clinic or salon to get their hair piece, and we have helped many clients in Australia adjusting from thinning hair to a hair system or unit. 

We now have clients around the world and in many parts of Australia who prefer to buy from us online. It can be daunting, but it just takes a few steps.

STEP 1. Hair Piece Type.
We offer Budget or Deluxe. While Budget is a great option, most clients want a hairpiece that will be long lasting and made from the best quality hair, Our Deluxe hair pieces are hand made with Luxury Hair. Both Budget and Deluxe come in two different hair densities. This refers to how much hair is in the actual hair piece. The 90% looks great but has a shorter lifespan, so most clients prefer to go for the 120% as it last longer. The most popular hairpiece we sell is the Deluxe 120% internationally and in Australia.

STEP 2. Hair Piece Colour.
We have some fantastic photos of the different colours available. Colour matching can be quite difficult, please message or call us on 0439 558 835 and you can send photos of your natural hair colour or we can send you some photos or videos of the colour range to get the mix just right.

STEP 3. Hair Piece Size.
Unlike a wig, a hair system is designed to just cover the Male Pattern Baldness area. the hairpieces are 8 inches from ear to ear by 10 inches hairline to back of the crown but we can cut them down to size. The most popular size is 7 inches ear to ear x 9 inches hairline to back of the crown but if you message or call us we can show you how to measure.

STEP 4. Hair Cut.
Your an either have us cut the hairpiece or take it to a barber or salon.

Once you've gone through the following options you'll arrange delivery and payment. 

Many of our clients are first time hair piece wearers and we help them on how to adhere and service the hairpiece with videos and also phone/FaceTime assistance. 

It can be daunting but we have helped countless clients do it and we'd love for you to join our member of happy guys who now have the best hair of their lives.

Please message or call the team on 0439 558 835 as we're here to help.