Replique Hairpieces. Swim, Surf, Shower and Sleep in Them!
Replique Hairpieces. Swim, Surf, Shower and Sleep in Them!
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About Replique Hair


Replique is passionate about helping our clients through some of the most difficult challenges of their lives.

Founder, Scott Hickman suffered from hairloss at a very young age and has spent almost three decades as a wig and hair piece wearer. He understands the feelings of hopelessness and loss that come with hair loss, whether it is from traditional genetic thinning and baldness, or from a medical condition.

Scott is now full time in our Sydney clinic, while Brisbane owner, Steven May felps clients from our Brisbane clinic.

Scott, Steve and their teams of hairdressers have been helping Australians with hairloss to find natural looking and comfortable hair loss solutions for years and work with international suppliers to ensure superior quality.

Replique understand that getting a hairpiece, wig or system, whether it is for medical purposes or for a personal transformation, is a huge investment and something that often needs guidance from an industry professional..

Scott has a network of suppliers that he visits each year, internationally,  to ensure smooth supply and to also provide the most upto date and innovative wigs, hairpieces and non surgical hair loss solutions to Australia. 

As a hairloss sufferer, Scott was always frustrated at having to wait months for his own hairpiece to be customised. Traditionally we would need to get a template made and colour samples sent to an overseas supplier, to then have it made and wait months for it to arrive, and hope that the template, density, hair curl/wave and colour were correct. 

Scott and his team have modernised this traditional system by carrying a large range of high quality products that can be customised in house, so what would have traditionally taken months, is now done in a few hours.


Fore more information contact Scott on 0439 558 835 email