What’s the Difference between a Replique Basic and Deluxe mens hair piece?

What’s the Difference between a Replique Basic and Deluxe mens hair piece?

Replique founder, Scott Hickman has been a hair piece wearer for decades and selling them commercially since 2016 and so has tried every type of base available.

Traditionally we have designed our own bases and then worked with highly skilled technicians on the hair knotting and used high grade Remy hair that is lightly treated. Generally these hair pieces have been around $800 plus installation fittings.

Even at $800 these are much cheaper than many of our Australian competitors who offer their hair pieces at $1400 upwards.

But recently we saw a need to supply more entry level hair pieces as many of our clients, and potential clients still want hair, but are struggling with a change to their situation based on the impact of the Covid pandemic, higher interest rates, a decline in many business sectors and an increase in the overall cost of living in Australia.

Most long time hair piece wearers want a high quality, bespoke product that is going to last a long time, so they don’t have the hassle of replacing their hair system multiple times throughout the year, our Deluxe models generally last 3 to 6 months for a 90% density piece, where as the 120% density has an incredible shelf life and can last some clients over 12 months with gentle care.

Our Basic models look great, but they have a shorter life span and the quality of the hair isn’t as luxurious.

While the Basic models are proving popular in both the 90% and 120% densities, they aren’t hand made and the bases are slightly more fragile.

We’ve actually see a trend among buys who are preferring the Basic 120% models, and factoring in the shorter life span but they prefer to change it up with each new system, with slightly different colour choices and hair style.

We are very pleased to now offer our hair pieces at these two different price points that reflect the differences in buying patterns in the Australian hair system market.

As you can see in the chart, there are some significant differences, perhaps the most important is the use of bonding material as the 90% Basic is only suitable for using glue, as the tape can be precarious to remove where as the Basic 120% and the two Deluxe models have more resilient bases.

If you want more information about our hair patches, feel free to contact Scott and the team in Sydney on 0439558 835. We specialise in first time hair pieces wearers and train them how to measure and fit the hairpieces and do their servicing at home.

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