Mens Hair System Colour Matching Australia

Mens Hair System Colour Matching Australia

While Replique mens hair Pieces can be about fashion and fun, changing colours and styles as you want, most of our clients in Australia want their systems not not draw attention.

Ive done thousands of consults in our Australian clinics and on FaceTime and so often the first question is about matching the clients hair colour.

Matching a hair patch and the clients hair is very important and there are a few tricks we’ve learnt along the way. Often we base it not just on the clients biological hair, but also their eyebrows, stubble or any facial hair.

Some colours are easier than others to match.

For instance we have three black shades in stock, #1, #1a and #1b.

After having fitting thousands of clients in our Australia clinics, a trend is that #1, the darkest black, is really popular with clients who have Asian heritage, such as Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Indonesian.

The next level black is one shade lighter, and by far our most popular, this is #1a, and our South East Asian, Indian, Pakistan, SriLankan, Greek, Italian and Middle Eastern guys love this colour.

The lightest black is very gentle, it is #1b and a favourite with Islander clients and some of the #1a clients who want a softer shade.

Then we get the brunette colours! We have 8 different shades of brunette, plus we do an Ash mix in this range to soften the tone.

Getting a hairpiece is exciting and daunting, and buying online can certainly be less expensive that buying at a salon or mens hair loss clinic, but you won’t be getting the one on one colour match that would normally come from an in person fitting. 

Replique offers the best of both worlds with our clinic in Oxford Street Paddington, Sydney as well as a hugely successful online store. 

If you have questions abut your hairpiece and what colour might be best for you, feel free to call or message Scott and the team on 0439 558 835 and we can help you in the journey.

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