50 Shades of Grey.

50 Shades of Grey.

That many? It’s a popular book series and it also represents how versatile our hair pieces are. We do over a dozen popular base colours, including three black colours, plus 6 different brunette shades, and then there’s the blondes! But with all of our base shades we are able to introduce grey percentages from 10% up to 80%

When colour matching with clients online or in salon clinics in Australia, I always encourage clients to look at buying a mens hairpiece that is one shade lighter that their biological hair on the sides, and even their facial hair, as it generally presents a softer appearance. After all we want peoples eyes remaining on our clients face, not have their vision move up to the hairline or hair and draw unwanted attention to it

Most guys over the age of 30 have some grey coming through their temples, often we see more grey on the temples than other parts of the head. For instance they may develop 30% grey on the sides just above the ears, but have only 10% grey in the hairline and bulk of their hair. 

So when looking at what percentage to use for a mens system or hair patch, many Australian clients prefer to just use a lighter shade of grey and then have it blend with a heavier shade of grey in their biological hair.

Using a black unit with 20% grey is by far the most popular choice for our clients.

All of our hair systems, including the Basic and Deluxe models, are made with 100% human hair, but we need to use a high quality synthetic blend  for grey, as human grey hair is compromised. So often it is a good idea to minimise the grey content to ensure the hairpiece has as little synthetic in as possible.

Another great solution we do is with a 100% human hairpiece, that is hand coloured grey, and then we put a soft darker shadow at the root, which adds a more natural look.

The pic attached to this blog is of Replique owner Scott, in one of his many grey hairpieces that we put a soft root through.

Do you have questions about what percentage of grey you need in your new hairpiece? Feel free to give us a call or text on 0439 558 835

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