Whats the best way to attach your hairpiece?

Whats the best way to attach your hairpiece?

Gone are the days when people would worry that their hairpiece or toupee would fly away in the strong breeze. The mens hair piece industry have come along way in recent years with the advent. Of semi permanent hair pieces that are fully bonded to the scalp.

These “glue on” hair pieces really become a part of you, you can swim, gym and sleep in them. 

We use a special tape that is ideal for use in Sydney with a mens hair piece.

Prior to using glue and tape most mens hair pieces where attached with clips, that were sewn into the hair piece and them clipped into the clients hair, leading to further hair loss over time as the clips would pull the hair out. 

A few years ago mens hair piece glue was created and we would apply thin, even coats to the base then adhere it to the scalp. This was amazing, but very messy to clean up.

When doing a rebound half the glue was left on the clients scalp, and half would be on the hairpiece. 

Instead we now use very strong 30 day tape. Most clients can get around a months use from the tape. We find that the warmer the weather then the more it breaks down, so clients in Summer in Sydney and regional NSW may need to rebound every 2 to 3 weeks when it is warmer, and then revert back to every 3 to 4 weeks in the cooler months. 

At Replique Sydney and Brisbane we have helped many men with their non surgical hair loss solutions, such as the hair pieces and also Scalp Micropigmentation, or a hair tattoo. We have used many different types of tape and settled on one that is amazing for warmer, Sydney conditions. 

You can buy the 30 day tape here online or at our clinic at 40 Oxford Street Paddington.  

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