Wait, that's a Hairpiece!!

Wait, that's a Hairpiece!!

Australian men looking for a hair loss treatment are inundated with choice. In our Sydney Hair clinic we’ve heard all the questions: Should I get a FUE hair transplant, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), Scalp Micropigmentation, Laser or medication for hair regrow? What about a human hair mens wig or toupee or hair system?

In a world of surgical and non surgical hair replacement options such as FUE Hair Transplant, PRP Platelet Rich Plasma, Mens Human Hair Wigs, Hair Loss Medication, Hair Fibres and Hair Pieces, also known as Stick on Hair, Glue on Hair, it’s good to actually see a website that features photos of clients with some before and after images so you can review the right colour, density and haircut for you!

Replique offer two hair piece models that are all customized in house. The Discrete by Replique which is thinner density and comes with either a fuller hairline or recessed hairline, and Classic by Replique which is much thicker in density and has a much fuller hairline. Most of these clients are wearing the Classic by Replique and so the haircuts we show are medium to long in length, but we can actually cut the Discrete by Replique to less than 2cm in length for guys wanting an ultra short look

Replique only deal with tangible hair loss solutions. Our clients come in with the appearance of hair loss and leave with the appearance of a fuller head of hair, either from non surgical hair loss treatments like SMP, Scalp Micropigmentation or Hair tattooing, or with one of our modern and most realistic hair pieces.

But even for clients who have decided on a hair piece, there is a world of options for them. Replique founder Scott Hickman has been wearing hair pieces for years and has tried mens human hair wigs, lace and poly toupees that are clipped in or sewn into the hair like a weave. At Replique we only provide hairpieces that suit the Sydney and Australian conditions.

Our hair pieces, or hair patches, hair systems, are fully bonded to the scalp with hair piece tape (this is a similar method some women use for hair extensions so the tape is guaranteed to be very strong).

We use a “skin” base that is sculpted to the scalp with special tape and glue, we have developed a technique where it is difficult to tell where your hair ends and where the hair piece starts!

At Replique Clinic we sometimes use a base with a lace top, as this is breathable, but they don’t always feel comfortable and don’t sit firmly on the scalp. Instead, we encourage our clients to move to the most modern technology of a skin base as it is so light weight, easy to clean, gives a realistic hairline and looks amazing.

While Replique Hairpieces might be “fake hair for men”, they don’t look it.

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