Lockdown, a chance to go from Hair Loss to a Hair Piece?

Lockdown, a chance to go from Hair Loss to a Hair Piece?

We're more than halfway through 2021 and many parts of Australia are in and out of lockdowns. In 2020 Replique had a huge influx of new hair piece clients during the national lockdown for a few reasons.

Many people were stuck at home and taking time to analyse their lives, appearances and really consider options they wouldn't have thought of before.

Guys also used the lockdowns to take advantage of not seeing their work mates and friends for many weeks and months, so they could alter their appearance and look at hair loss solutions such as Hair Systems or Hair Pieces. 

Replique Hair Pieces are fully customised in house for each clients needs, they aren't cheap synthetic blend hair pieces bought from over seas that are fake looking and badly fitted. Our hairpieces are the highest quality and custom made from our suppliers, then customised by hand by our team of hair dressers for each client.

Some guys choose to buy cheap hair pieces online, and you can tell. They have fake hairlines, mis matched colours and the hair is a blend of synthetic that looks terrible and is a giveaway that the client is wearing a hair patch or hair piece.

Getting any hair loss solution is a massive undertaking, where it is PRP platelet rich plama, or a FUE transplant or a human hair wig or "glue on hair", and it can be daunting going from hair loss to reclaiming the look of a fuller head of hair. It can be difficult for some guys who turn up to work with a new head of hair, so many are using the lockdown as an opportunity to work with Australian hair clinics, like Replique, to transition their hair loss with a hair piece. 

Ordering online can be frustrating, so we encourage all new clients to call or message Scott and the team on 0439 558 835, so we can discuss colour, bonding, haircuts and maintenance. Ultimately we are here to help with your hair loss journey and are very honest if a hair piece is the right solution for you. 

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