Breathable Mens Hair Systems. Why are they losing popularity?

Breathable Mens Hair Systems. Why are they losing popularity?

For a very long time Lace Hair Piece and Breathable Hair pieces, that are made of a thick plastic perimeter and lace top, dominated the mens hair piece industry.

The sides and front and back (perimeter) of the hair piece was very thick and would allow the hair pieces to be clipped or sewn into the clients hair as the preferred adherence method.

The top of the hair piece was Swiss Lace, French Lace or Mono and wasn’t designed to be adhered to the scalp, thus allowing it to be called breathable. But many don’t like how residue from hair care products can be caught under the breathable part, and also how itchy the material can feel.

The base had to be thick to withstand wear and tear of the user and the hair clips and so it would sometime be too thick to have it styled back off the face.

Over the last decade we have introduced Skin or Mens Thin Skin Hairpieces to Australia and they have changed peoples perceptions of how hair pieces are worn and styled.

In Australia most male hair system or toupee wearers now only use the Thin Skin hair pieces as they look so natural and are lightweight.

But some Australian clients wear Breathable hair systems for spiritual reasons as they want water to touch the scalp at Mosque. Others treat them like a hat and take them on and off each time they have prayer.

The Thin Skin male Hair Pieces are fully adhered to the head so it is touch to sell the difference between the hair piece and the natural hair and there is great ease of cleaning for the client.

What is the future of hair pieces in Australia? We think the mens hair pieces will continue to become thin and give a natural appearing hairline but the bases will become more and more durable, so we have best of both worlds, natural looking but durable hair piece base. 

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