Collection: Mens Breathable Hair Piece ON SALE $399

A classic! This model has been out for decades and proves to be popular. While the Thin Skin hair pieces are definitely the market leaders, our 7 x 9 breathable mens hair systems are reliable and have many long term hair piece wearers as fans.

This unit is 110% density and comes with a scallop edge hairline that gives a very natural appearance, especially for men who want their hair styled up off their faces. 

This model has a poly perimeter and lace mesh top, many men prefer to bond the hair piece with glue or tape and some sew clips into the sides and take it off daily.

We don't recommend bonding boding the lace mesh with tape or glue as it can seep into the hair.

This is our standard shape, but we also do custom breathable shapes with the highest quality Remy Hair from $800