Hair Transformations, from Subtle to Sensational
Hair Transformations, from Subtle to Sensational
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Wefts, Weaves and Wigs, whats the difference?

Welcome to the confusing World of Wigs!

Whether you are in need of a medical wig, to help with female hairloss related to a medical issue or alopecia, or if your hair is thinning due to hormonal changes or as a reaction to medication, or you're looking for a fashion wig to change your style and have some fun, then you have probably discovered that there are many confusing terms and expressions related to wigs!

Don't worry, we've been in the wig industry for years and are going to get rid of the clutter and focus on the important info to help you make a decision on the right wig for you.

First of all lets focus on hair type. Essentially you might be wondering if wigs made from synthetic hair are just as good as wigs made from human hair - defiantly not! For a natural hair loss solution we recommend sticking with wigs made from100% human hair. Synthetic wigs look great to start with but after a few wears they can easily tangle and become really unmanageable and need to be replaced. Beware of "Human hair type" or make sure you read the small print of online retailers selling cheaper human hair as it is general fusion or synthetic hair but they are trying to pass it off as human hair.

The two questions I get asked the most in a hair loss consultation are 1, will my wig look natural and 2, will it be secure. The answer to these questions related to base.It's all about the base!

Lace, mono, poly, lave front - what base is best for you?

Wefts and Weaves,what's the difference? A weave is essentially a wig that is sewn or "weaved' into a a persons scalp, giving an incredible bond. A weft is a wig or weave component, a weft is a bundle of hair than can be used for hair extensions or sewn into a wig or weave to add volume and length.

The world of wigs is varied and really confusing, we've been wig and hairpiece wearers for years and are here to help.

Replique offer free consultations in our Brisbane clinic for stock and custom human hair wigs.Want to know more? Message or call Scott on 0498 988 131 or visit